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Vince Zandri on the Power of a Great eBook Cover

By on July 3, 2011 in J. Carson Black

On his blog post today, Sunday Blog in Bed: The Eye of the Reader, bestselling author Vince Zandri talks about the power of covers for successful eBooks.  Giving some examples of these covers, he provides insights into the elements and aspects that go into a cover that makes and keeps the brand promise.  The post comes out of a recent Q&A session on eBook covers between Zandri and Breakaway Media author, J. Carson Black.  One example Zandri uses is the cover of J. Carson Black’s Darkness on the Edge of Town, the bestselling thriller published by Breakaway Media on Amazon Kindle.

Zandri comments, “I could stare at this cover forever…Or perhaps have a poster of it framed and hung in my living room.”

He goes on to say:

Darkness on the Edge of Town is one such thriller that is a runaway bestseller (Carson is currently smoking my sales numbers). What makes this novel enticing initially is the cover. Its depiction of a neon lit street corner screams noir. The image has depth and wickedness in it, and mucho suspense. Words appear floating over the image…words that appear to have been typed on an old fashion Smith Corona typewriter. The kind Dash Hammett might have used when writing The Maltese Falcon, or when typing up a grocery list for his mistress Lillian Hellman which no doubt included several bottles of gin.”

Read Vincent Zandri’s blog post, Sunday Blog in Bed: The Eye of the Reader, and see why a great cover is an important element in the overall mix of what makes an eBook novel successful in the new realm of publishing.

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