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Amazon ranks Laura Cardinal Series crime thrillers 1,2,3 in Police Procedurals

By on May 24, 2011 in J. Carson Black

Darkness on the Edge of Town, the Amazon Kindle eBook thriller by J. Carson BlackBreakaway Media author J. Carson Black’s Laura Cardinal Series today reached the top three positions on Amazon’s list for bestsellers in the Police Procedurals category.

Why is this significant? Yes, the visibility and prestige of the ranking does translate into more sales, in addition to the sales that propelled the three Laura Cardinal thrillers to this ranking. In this new digital publishing world, Amazon ranking on these bestseller lists means greater exposure to readers. More important, readers will find this new 1-2-3 ranking significant in that the core of the Cardinal thrillers lies in the narrative thrust of Arizona DPS detective Laura Cardinal’s quest to get justice in the extraordinarily difficult homicide cases she investigates.

J. Carson Black meticulously researches both the context for her stories and the nitty-gritty “inside baseball” particulars of a state agency investigator facing daunting challenges in her personal life, in her professional circles, and coming from really bad guys (and gals) doing their best to do bad things to a lot of people.

Black sought and gained the trust of an Arizona Department of Public Safety detective in Tucson Arizona who shared with her his decades of experience as a investigator with that agency. The depth of primary research that Black pursued with this detective went so far as to actually walk a fictional crime scene with him for Darkness on the Edge of Town in Bisbee Arizona. Read about this in J. Carson Black’s post on, “Walking the Crime Scene for Darkness on the Edge of Town”.

Take a look at the Laura Cardinal Series published on Kindle and see what tens of thousands of readers find entertaining and engaging about this breakthrough series of crime thrillers: Darkness on the Edge of Town, Dark Side of the Moon, and The Devil’s Hour. Like many of us, you may fall in love with Laura and walk with her on the path to get justice for the victims of the crimes she investigates.

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