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ePublishing savvy entrepreneurs will succeed

By on May 1, 2011 in Publishing Revolution

ePublishing is an industry where age-ism has no relevance. Like the Internet boom of the 1990’s, it does not matter how old you are, what matters is the quality of your vision, your passion, and most important, your product or service.

I was intrigued by a recent TechCrunch article, “Internet Entrepreneurs Are Like Professional Athletes, They Peak Around 25.”

We see authors, some of whom have decades-long careers and who were published by traditional NY publishers, and new indie-published authors doing very well–all penetrating their target markets with channels like Amazon Digital Publishing, B&N PubIt, Apple iBooks, and a multitude of new niche channels.

Savvy entrepreneurs will look at this space and see opportunity, and investors worth their salt will open their minds (and their wallets) to this as well. Like the revolution the music industry recently experienced, the publishing industry is currently undergoing its own revolution. However, the results may be vastly different and the character of that process may require a different sensibility. Only the discerning and yes, the experienced and knowledgable, will profit. Oh, does that sometimes come with age?

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