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You don’t need to be an Amazon to market globally

By on February 23, 2011 in Publishing Revolution

One of the groundbreaking effects of the World Wide Web was the introduction of the capacity for anyone to do business anywhere in the world. I had my first experience when I contracted with a software developer in India to do a relatively complicated WordPress plug-in installation. I am not a big fan of outsourcing, but this contractor was professional and responsive, and charged a very reasonable rate. He found me through the Breakaway Media website and offered his services.

You may already have taken on the services of someone or offered your own services on any one of the number of sites like or

I found out that you can offer your services directly with a little market research and a professional approach. One of my favorite tech blogs is TechCrunch. They ran a recent blog article about a product that dynamically places ads and other forms of content in video.

The CEO of, a Russian competitor to this product, commented on the blog in response. I was intrigued by the positioning of his company’s product and visited the website. I noticed immediately that the English text on the website did a good job of describing the product and explaining how it worked, yet needed a lot of help in the areas of grammar and syntax.

To gain credibility and build the brand within the U.S., companies outside the U.S. must deliver a polished and professional presentation on their websites. I am always impressed by the capacity to speak and write English by those for whom English is not their first language (in America, we lag far behind in our education in foreign languages).

I sent off a quick email to the CEO offering my services to review and revise the website’s text and marketing thrust. We reached an agreement and I went to work. After I sent them the file and received an OK on it, I followed up with a request for payment to my PayPal account sent along with a warm thank you and a suggestion that others in his business network may need similar services. Outsourcing in reverse.

So, you don’t need to be an Amazon to make money marketing your products and services globally over the Internet. Research, networking, good communication skills, and a solid Web presence are key. Apply the right tool for the job, constantly upgrade and keep current your skills, and you will be in position to fill a need.

A final note: Breakaway Media is in the business of publishing eBooks that have been previously published by major publishing houses but have since gone out of print. Our major publishing channel? Amazon Kindle. So while you don’t need to be an Amazon, it helps to do business with Amazon. It’s all about the channel.

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