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eBook POD: Amazon CreateSpace or Ingram Lightning Source?

By on February 19, 2011 in Publishing Revolution

As usual, I was haunting Joe Konrath’s blog and was very interested to see his latest post, The Numbers Game.

At Breakaway Media, we have been doing a balancing act of marketing to traditional publishing (we are fortunate to have a top literary agent in New York City), and developing our sales through eBook platforms like Amazon Kindle. Here is my comment on Joe’s blog:


Great analysis of the numbers, it appears that few are looking at these fiscal realities with the same clarity as Joe Konrath. It may be that looking back on this year, we will say, “that was the year that was like the Internet boom of 1998.”

Regarding Joe’s comments on CreateSpace and POD as part of the business analysis (to self pub or not to self pub), I heard an independent bookseller remark, “I order from Ingram and if you can get your book POD on Ingram it would be a heck of a lot easier for me to include your book in my weekly order.”

Turns out that Lightning Source does precisely that–offers POD and distribution through Ingram. Of course, CreateSpace and Amazon have a powerful distribution system. We’re publishing on Kindle. Anybody have experience with Lightning Source or have thoughts on that?.

We have a Kindle-published horror novel, Darkscope, a ghost story set in Bisbee Arizona, first published by Kensington, that was hand sold big-time by this same bookseller in Bisbee. When the book went out of print, the sales dried up necessarily-no product. Now with POD, she can hand sell this book to the tourists again, she’s just looking to have some efficiency in her business instead of dealing with multiple ordering scenarios, including authors self-publishing POD and through other channels like iUniverse. Understandable, yes?

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