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Cable TV, not Online Video, the Best Value?

By on February 15, 2011 in Publishing Revolution

Adobe and digital mediaYou may think this kind of funny, but Dan Rayburn, EVP of just posted a blog, “I Think Cable TV is the Best Value and Experience for the Money Spent, Here’s Why“.

It all comes down to the question: “On what does a consumer place value?” I know a world-class television editor who rents DVDs from his locally-owned video store (yes there are still some of those out there). He doesn’t have “TV”, whether broadcast or cable, at all and does not think he’s depriving himself, his wife, or his kid, and they agree with him.

Now, having said this, the variety and convenience of cable is to me both appealing and beguiling. I can get the Versus coverage of the Tour de France online in a package if I want, but I have that cable channel on the tier. What about History Channel’s American Pickers? Is there an alternate source of that programming? Maybe, maybe not. What choices of programming from other sources am I giving up by opting for cable, keeping my attention on that content conduit and ignoring other possibiltities?

And this is the crux of it, especially for us baby boomers. We’re still the “TV Generation”. Big dollar television production, and I am including the smaller cable networks, still holds sway over our entertainment dollar. Until that convenience, and yes, choice, can be reliably and delivered in an alternate fashion and perceived as great value, those of us who like this menu, will continue to pony up our $65 a month. Here at Breakaway Media, probably like a lot of Americans, we have a mix of cable, online, DVDs, and other sources.

We can count on expanding channels of choice on a number of platforms. Access to that content, and who determines what is worth consuming, will evolve quickly over time.

What do you place value on, in terms of your “TV entertainment dollar”?

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