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Adobe products, eBooks, and the New Space

By on February 9, 2011 in Publishing Revolution

Adobe and digital mediaThe following is a forum comment I made in Continue to Learn

Adobe has moved into the multimedia space completely with their suite of applications. They have targeted eBooks as part of the mix. Digital publishing offers multiple opportunities for us with the skills to create new products and services that solve our customers’ problems and provide new and rich experiences.

As a marketer (and publisher), I am looking for ways to deliver these experiences AND make the cash register ring. There is a huge opportunity for publishers to embed advertising, product placement, and enhanced user experiences in eBooks.

The question is what will readers (users) be wanting in the experience? And how do advertisers, sponsors and brands figure into this equation? One thing that I’ve found is that eBook readers are increasingly price sensitive, so will they put up with (targeted) advertising and sponsorship (tastefully and relevantly) presented in context? Will their willingness increase if this helps to bring eBook prices down? Time will tell. And tools like Adobe’s InDesign, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and the new Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5 will factor heavily in production and presentation.

As the heavy hitters like Amazon, Apple, and Google fight it out, content creators will continue to have tremendous opportunities to get innovative content into the hands of consumers. How distribution and the available channels eventually shake out for content creators is a major question.

It’s always been like this. How many of us remember the breakup of AT&T into the Baby Bells? The Internet has radically changed the game and rapidly evolving developer frameworks offer entrepreneurs access to new ways to present and distribute content on multiple platforms. The egalitarian effect of the Internet (blogs, social media, online video, etc) is only an appetizer for things to come. Now the monetization of Internet delivered digital media is here and knocking on our doors. If we’re listening, we will answer. Breakaway Media will be exploring these subjects in the months ahead as we move into this space.

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