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Another take on eBook packaging

By on October 4, 2010 in Publishing Revolution

Robin Good features posts by John Blossom in Integrating and Marketing eBooks with Sales and includes the post, What Book Publishers Can Change In Their eBook Marketing Strategy.

“eBook packaging”–think in terms of serving the audience-use of content-not units production. John Blossom questions how progressive are publishers who are approaching e-publishing from the standpoint of producing and moving units-the traditional paradigm. He makes the suggestion to look to the transformation occurring within social networking communities:

“What publishers should do is to focus on packaging that will integrate book content into personal publishing lifestyles far more aggressively.”

This quote reminds me of advice contained within the groundbreaking book, “The New Rules of Marketing & PR by David Meerman Scott.

While the Vook enables the reader to experience a book in text, in video or both, Blossom puts forth the possibility of a book’s content being more pervasive throughout the reader’s experience in more ways than simply reading and even malleable in that reader’s hands through multiple channels.

“Creating services that keep people who are today’s greatest content purchase influencers – digitally literate readers – in a position to recommend and amplify the value of a wide variety of book-oriented content and services will take far more than locked-down reading software that operates in a vacuum.”

He goes on to say, “These types of services are surfacing in the hands of innovative online companies, but as to where that leaves mainstream book publishers and retailers remains to be seen.”

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