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Packaging for e-book publishing – climb on board

By on October 2, 2010 in Publishing Revolution

More and more each day, the publishing industry becomes more like Hollywood in every way (just a little behind that curve).

eBOOKNEWSER’s post “Lit Agents Are Taking On the Role of Publishers” reports on new developments in packaging for e-books that reflects this trend.

What did we see with Hollywood in the 1980’s? The rise of the packager. Big name agents and their agencies became packagers of stars, directors, writers, studios and whatever else was needed to complete the package and sell it. Remember Michael Ovitz? He eschewed the traditional studio model which was fading into the sunset.

Guess what? With the rise of e-book channels, anyone can be a publisher, just as independent filmmakers started to kick butt in the 1990’s. That continued the evolution of the studio system. But I digress…..

Point being, it’s the upper-tier literary agents, with the connections (and the talent in their stables) who now have distribution and marketing power that they heretofore delegated to the traditional publishing industry. And very soon, boutique e-book publishing companies, which now are popping up, will grow in numbers and size, and become more powerful. Literary agencies, large and small, have a golden opportunity to ride this wave.

Literary agents: I’m sure you don’t want to burn any bridges, and I wouldn’t suggest you do. Given the trend in packaging, you may want to keep your eyes and ears open to the new opportunities opening up in the rich media landscape exemplified by e-book publishing channels. It will be exciting to watch, and even more exciting to climb on board.

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Read the Breakaway Media article “Every Day the Publishing Industry Is Becoming More Like Hollywood In Every Way.”

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