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Electrifying! Get Online Video Provider Service for Internet TV Delivery

By on March 5, 2010 in Publishing Revolution

Outsourcing your streaming can make a lot of sense, especially if you are a small business with a limited and specific focus for your marketing and content distribution. In days of yore, companies had to create their streaming operations essentially from scratch: develop and design their own players, do their own encoding, and distribute the streams to their viewers. New options for serving and hosting streaming media are becoming available every day in 2010.

I’ve seen big changes in the way that video gets produced and distributed over the past twenty years. Costs have come down and ease of use have increased dramatically with the advent of digital technology. Can you imagine typing a letter on a manual typewriter now? That was what linear video editing was like until non-linear video editing systems (“word processing” for video) became available. Commercial distribution of your work, if you could get it, was limited to network TV, a few cable channels, and videotape sales.

ComScore’s Video Metrix reported for November 2009: Online video viewing continued to reach record levels in November with nearly 31 billion videos viewed during the month.

31 billion. In one month. And it’s growing.

The creation of content and the distribution of video and television programming have been transformed by the Internet. Distribution channels that were solely owned by networks now face stiff competition by the proliferation of Internet TV and online video channels. The “YouTube-ization” of media culture has created an audience to be served by readily available commercial applications and services used by media producers and marketers of all kinds.

Smaller marketers are seeing obstacles to delivering and monetizing online video dissolving before their eyes and new opportunities arise every day.

Now you can take on the services of an online video platform (OVP) in an integrated package. Online video platform providers like Endavo Media now offer these products and services for entrepreneurs and small business — not just the big boys.

Sure, you can create your own player and post your videos to your Web site but you are not taking advantage of all the value of the videos you have produced and posted.

Whether you are a producer, broadcaster or telco aiming to leverage the convergence of TV, online video and social media to distribute more content to more people, you have an audience out there who want access to your content via PC, mobile and TV. And you want to be able to monetize that content through multiple revenue streams.

We need to be smart about what our consumers are doing when they access our media. OVP providers deliver analytics as part of the basic package. Knowing when consumers rewind, stop viewing, embed videos and share them with others helps you understand which videos are most interesting and helpful.

Video is increasingly being integrated into social media and customers are discovering that they need a distribution strategy that combines video sharing sites and video delivered on their own sites. If your homegrown video player doesn’t enable embedding and linking, you are likely limiting the power of your reach to your audience.

Connected televisions will give you the ability to sit on your couch and access content anywhere in the world. Niche audiences for online video content are multiplying exponentially and the hunger for good quality content will grow to match the demand.

An OVP can also enable easy access to mobile devices. With Google’s Android and associated mobile devices and Apple’s iPhone leading the way, we’ll see an explosion of video delivered to mobile devices in 2010. Mobile marketing is becoming what email marketing was ten years ago — an explosion is happening and early adopters right now will ride the wave.

Get in now and carve out your territory before the space gets crowded. You can literally “earn while you learn”. Then when the space becomes mature and crowded, you will be an expert who will thrive into the future.

it’s easy to say that 2010 will be the year that video breaks through and becomes part of the mainstream advertising buy.

Look for new models of monetization for channel sponsorships and in-stream video advertising as new formats, pricing models and standards come on board and advertisers’ demand increases dramatically for online video content.

Endavo Media offers several models for creating revenue with online video and social media. In the advertising arena, there are pre-roll and post-roll video ads, banner advertising on your video players, an ad platform that allows direct ingestion of video/banner ad content, and coming soon a platform/interface that supports both the creation and campaigning of video/banner advertising to your community and websites.

You can build an affiliate network and offer premium content including the ability to sell “tickets” to premium live events.

With Endavo’s integrated subscription module, you can offer paid subscription for memberships or access to content. Get your web pages and players customized and skinned for title sponsorship by your corporate sponsors.

Create branded channels for sponsors to publish their own branded entertainment or news content or program individual video files into existing community channels. Paid syndication is another revenue model where you can set up video feed channels offered to other account owners who then pay you syndication fees.

Breakaway Media has launched Breakaway Media TV with Endavo Media’s online video platform. Go to the Breakaway Media video player to view content there and experience the Endavo Media online video platform.

I’ve been impressed with Endavo–their service and responsiveness is top-notch. They offer a superior user experience and have all the current monetization models in place so you can make money with your content. Breakaway Media is proud to be an official reseller of Endavo Media products and services. Call 520.237.3798 or email me at for more information or if you just want to talk about the incredible opportunities out there right now.

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