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Who Killed Brienne Cross? Revealed in THE SHOP

By on November 13, 2009 in J. Carson Black

Breakaway Media provides marketing and communications management for thriller author J. Carson Black as well as publishing her Laura Cardinal Series of crime fiction thrillers. Her political crime thriller, THE SHOP. was published by Thomas & Mercer in February 2012.

On the morning of May 25, 2009, rising country-and-pop star Brienne Cross was found dead in a rented log house on Castle Creek Road in Aspen, Colorado. Killed along with her were the remaining contestants of her reality show, “Soul Mate.”

Later that day, author Nick Holloway, who was writing a series of essays about the inside workings of the show, was found alive and unhurt beneath Brienne’s Escalade in the garage under the house.  He had massive amounts of Rohypnol in his system, and authorities doubted he could have crawled under the Escalade.  Someone helped him escape.  Why?

Two men were arrested for the crime:  Donny Lee Odell, age 27, and Ray Arquette, 39. Both had a history of criminal behavior, and had been part of the same white supremacist terrorist cell in Hayden Lake, Idaho.  But even before they were arraigned, there were significant cracks in the case against them.  Leaving many to wonder:

Who killed Brienne Cross?

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